"Isn’t this whole continent yellow sand?" Asked Xiao Bai irrepressibly, chewing Zizyphus jujuba in his mouth and spitting slag everywhere.

The name "Desert Wolf State" is really right. It is a desert at first sight. Linghu Zi also said that her white dress was covered with dust and looked haggard.
Luo Sandy stretched out his hand and pulled a handful of Yue Yao to let her avoid a bunker and said with a smile, "Don’t worry, everyone, how can it be a desert? I think we can go through it in two days."
Ink Lin took a look at Luo Sandy and thanked her for her support. The speed of the people was very fast. In two days, they have already gone thousands of miles away, but they are still in the desert. It can be seen how vast this desert covers.
And I haven’t seen any people in this thousand-mile journey, which is what worries Mo Lin the most.
"Have all these places become barren?" Ink in the heart secretly thinking a little worried.
Just thinking about the month Yao suddenly stopped and wondered, "There seems to be any sound …"
Molin immediately listened attentively, and sure enough, he heard a very rhythmic vibration gathering into a rumbling sound far away.
"Look," Ling Huzi pointed to the sand road on the ground.
Molin looked down and saw the sand on the ground trembling slightly.
"What is it?" Molin was amazed, but since there is sound, it proves that there is life in this desert.
"Let’s go and see" followed the sound source, Mo Lin, to lead the way, and everyone went all the way. With the goal, everyone was motivated again.
All the way forward, the sound is getting louder and louder, and the sand grains are dancing. Mo Lin saw several sand dunes moving slowly and gradually collapsing in the vibration.
"What the hell is it?" In front of it is a high sand dune that blocks everyone’s line of sight, but everyone gently leaps to the sand dune for a moment.
Behind the sand dunes, it is a flat desert, and everyone can see at a glance that there is a terrible array of troops in the dust.
"This is …" Sandy froze.
Xiaobai poked her head out of Yao’s chest and was silly. She forgot to spit out the jujube residue with her mouth full.
Linghuzi grabbed Molin’s hand and said blankly, "How did this happen?"
Molin shook his head, and he was also very shocked, because the source of that sound in the distance was a gray place, and the dust in Huang Chengcheng was an army.
This is an army composed of several giant wolves as big as donkeys. At first glance, each giant wolf’s neck is gray with long hair and thick heavy armor. As soon as it runs, it makes a clatter. Together, it becomes as dull and rhythmic as thunder.
Every giant wolf rides a strange and short orc. Their skin color is green and they look no different from cactus in the desert. Their cheeks are deep in their eyes and they spit out. They are wearing simple armor, waving mace in their hands and making a "wheezing" sound.
The army did not come to the dunes, but obliquely to the sun. From the azimuth, it should be the west of the mainland
At the top of Molin Dune, I watched the army pass by and go straight to the west, leaving smoke all the way.
"Are these guys the Black Dragon Department?" Small white suddenly tongue way
"It’s very likely that if it is, the place where they go should be the Black Dragon’s place." Molin mused.
"Then let’s go with it." Xiao Bai cheered up. "These wolves look fierce. I don’t think it’s a big deal."
Mo Lin doesn’t agree that many small white ants bite to death. There are thousands of cavalry like these wolves. Even if the strength is ordinary and tired, Mo Lin is exhausted.
"We are a little far away, so we have to be found. Don’t expose the situation," Molin said.
Since being injured by Yang, Xiao Bai’s arrogant temper has changed a lot, and I know that I have endured it. When I heard Mo Lin say this, I also muttered two words, so I went into Yao’s arms and continued to be lazy.
The people are far behind the wolf cavalry. This tracking is very simple. Because the wolf cavalry raise dust all over the sky, it is impossible to ignore it. If you follow a cloud of dust, you will never lose your goal.
Until it gets dark, the wolf cavalry stops, and it seems that they are not willing to travel in the cold night.
In the distance, there were several bonfires that reflected half the sky. Molin and others crawled on a nearby sand dune and felt that the sand was colder than ice.
"I’ll go in and see you here and wait for me" Mo Lin said softly.
"I’m going too!" Xiao Bai likes this kind of sneaking into trouble best.
Molin shook his head. "You protect them from running around here."
As he spoke, he quietly got up and sat in the sand dunes and slipped down the slope.
Came to the bottom of the sand dune, the ink forest lit up the wind point, and as light as a swallow, it quickly approached the wolf cavalry camp.
Thousands of giant wolves form a huge circle and wrap the camp. They are dark and like dark clouds in the desert.
All the giant wolves are falling asleep with their heads down, or one or two of them are walking around. They should be sentries in the wolves.
Molin quietly came to the edge of the wolves. One wolf twitched his nose in his sleep and seemed to smell something. He immediately opened his eyes and looked around.
Mo Lin is busy shielding his body and breath. These wolf noses are really smart enough to catch Xiao Bai quickly.
The giant wolf looked around and didn’t find Mo Lin’s figure puzzled for a long time. Finally, he lay down again and soon there was a slight snoring.
Molin came out of his hiding place and crept to the edge of the wolves without making a sound. He tiptoed like a bat from the wolves and jumped into the camp.
In the center of the circle surrounded by wolves are hundreds of fires, and several green-skinned orcs are sitting next to each fire. Some are asleep, some are drinking hot drinks, and others get together to talk about the bright as day in the camp.
Molin got up and found an edge fire. He saw that several orcs were already asleep. He approached the past and dragged an orc out. Before he woke up, he had caressed three acupuncture points in his brain and put him in a coma.
Dragged aside to a secluded corner, Molin took off his armor and replaced it with his own. The orc was very small, and Molin could tighten his bones as much as possible to barely fit it.
Chapter 18 City