Soon after Ye Rou left the lake, there came a sigh, followed by a wave of waves on the lake, and a graceful figure surfaced, followed by waves.

The woman looked up at the stars in the sky, and a comforting color appeared in due course, which had not disappeared for a long time, but it was also mixed with bitterness.
"I’m a silly girl. Isn’t it just right for you to be separated?"
Not long after the female voice appeared, a strong breath came not far away, and soon a white-haired figure appeared, and soon it came to the lake.
The 14 th geek
"Oh, Grandpa, you are making fun of others again. Do you think your granddaughter is such a person?"
See the white-haired old man appeared beside her, and there was a hongxia, and then he shouted at the white-haired old man as if he were coquetry.
"Hey hey! Silly girl, don’t you know all about freedom and providence? The coldness of that little body proves that his identity must be unusual. Now she and that girl are going to be separated. Isn’t it your fate to meet him? "
The white-haired old man smiled and then looked up at the stars and hesitated for a long time before laughing!
"Grandpa, what do you mean by this astronomical phenomenon? Does it mean that Ye Han’s fate will change? " Women also looked at the stars in the sky for a long time before they shouted at the white-haired old man and said that they interrupted the old man’s smile.
"Ha ha this is not necessarily oh maybe this little will face what catastrophe? So you have to recover quickly, and it will fall to you to protect him then! "
The white-haired old man smiled and continued to look at the stars in the sky. "It is hard to predict whether it is a blessing or a curse, but you can rest assured that his fate will not be limited to this with such a strong cold!"
"alas! Grandpa, you made fun of my granddaughter again. It’s not that you don’t know where it might get better in a short time! " Female a face of nai looked at white-haired old man wry smile way
The white-haired old man shook his head for an instant, even though he was lost in thought for a long time before he came to his senses and smiled at the woman. "This may not be true. Don’t forget that your grandfather is a master. Isn’t it easy to help you?"
"Hum, grandpa is still a master. I told you to go to Ye Jia and rob Ye Han. I dare not say that I am a master and I don’t know how to be ashamed!" Hearing the words of the white-haired old man, the woman immediately gave him a white look and then angrily said
White-haired old man smell speech immediately dry cough two equally white female eyes once again fell on the stars for a long time before a long bitter sigh.
"how about it? Grandpa, am I right? You’re just afraid of the ancestors of the Ye family! Grandpa can’t beat him! " The old man suffered a severe blow to the white-haired old man.
The white-haired old man is still silent, but he is thinking about how to completely expose this matter. After all, it is not a good thing to be hit by his granddaughter.
"Hey, hey, you are dishonest. What dare you give Grandpa? You won’t rob a man yourself. You want me to work for you with this old bones!"
Finally, I thought about the way to crack down on women, and the old man also showed no mercy to tease the women directly. Although this cold weather is still scorching.
"Hum, grandpa, come on. I knew grandpa didn’t dare to go and said so many excuses. I don’t care if grandpa doesn’t help me grab Ye Han, then I’ll never talk to you again!"
I feel that I have suffered a loss, but I don’t want to continue this stalemate. After all, now I want something from others, so I can’t be too tough and threaten.
"Hey hey little girl, if you want to rob a man, just grab it. Don’t always pull me out of this old man’s house, okay? But now you young people, my old bones can’t stand you doing this! "
The white-haired old man came to want to eat women, but he finally accepted her threat and begged for mercy in a pleading tone.
The woman suddenly felt a sense of accomplishment and replied, "Well, if Grandpa wants you to help me grab Ye Han, then I’ll let Grandpa go or hum."
Nai, a white-haired old man, looked up at the sky again with a wry smile for a long time before he nodded with a smile. "Don’t worry, it won’t be long before I let you see your love brother. Oh, no, it should be love brother, right?"
Said the old man shook his head again and denied his statement, muttering for a while that he smiled at the woman. "My girl should call you aunt if she talks about seniority, right?" Do you really want to grab him? "
"hey! Grandpa, don’t call people so old, okay? Although you and his great-grandfather are good friends, that’s your business. What’s the difference with me? I don’t care if grandpa must help me! "
Women naturally know that they are aunt Ye Han, but this is from their grandfather’s point of view. It seems that at most, their age is his sister or younger sister, and she doesn’t want to imagine it.
"Good good grandpa help you see you this wench to urgent grandpa told you, isn’t it? This little fate is similar to yours, so it should be a pair of you. What’s the hurry? "
The white-haired old man smiled, his eyes moved back from the stars and quietly looked at his feet on the lake. Soon he fell on the female face and saw a face of eagerness, which made him wry smile.
"hmm!" The woman smiled and nodded her head, looking at Ye Han’s departure direction, and soon she was lost in thought, and then she sank to the bottom of the lake with the waves.
The white-haired old man gave a long sigh and glanced at the stars before he smiled and disappeared into the lake!
Ye Han and Ye Rou walked all the way until they reached the gate of Yejia, but they all had the same idea in their hearts, hoping to go home hand in hand with each other.
"Oh my gentleman, where have you been? I’m going crazy when I haven’t come back so late! "
As soon as they arrived at the door, they heard an old sound coming from the door of Yejia, which was an old face!
"Manager Lin, why are you waiting for me here again? Didn’t I tell my father and them to take my sister out for a walk?" Ye Han a face of embarrassment at yelin housekeeper wry smile way
Ye Lin shook his head and turned to look at the family before he smiled at Ye Hanku. "Master, you don’t know that there are guests in the family. Is he looking for you everywhere?"
"oh? What does it matter to me to have guests at home? Is there anyone else coming to see me? I don’t think so, do I? I have just come back for two or three days! "
Ye Han smell speech suddenly a ash looked down the door and really saw the lights in the chamber, apparently discussing some family affairs.
But if you think about it, you can’t have any acquaintances when you just come back from your master’s school. The only acquaintance has been with you all the time, even your parents are not acquaintances.
Manager Ye Lin smiled and glanced at Ye Rou, then sighed bitterly, "I heard from the patriarch that this visit will be of great benefit to you in the future, and I have to wait for you to come back!"
"oh? For my future? Do I have any future? Don’t be sarcastic, Mr. Lin. It’s not that you don’t know what the future is when I have two years left. "
Lin Guanjia’s words reminded Ye Han that he had only two years left to live, which made his heart suddenly move, and a melancholy color reappeared. He looked up at Nai Tian and shook his head, only then he stepped into the door of Yejia.
Manager Lin led Ye Han and Ye Rou to the Chamber. They looked lazy and glanced at the hall. They found that there were no acquaintances. This just walked towards the first Ye Hong!
"Father, you wanted to see me?" Toward the first Ye Hong arch hand Ye Han asked.